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Monday, May 4, 2015

Tips on starting your own business; HGTV's Jeff Sarty

1. Accept that you will have to put your life on hold

Sarty says that starting a business at the age of 19 gave him a hard reality check, because while his friends were out partying every weekend, he was working to make a name for himself. Thankfully, it all paid off.

2. Set your goals. When you reach them, make more 

His best advice for someone looking to start up their own business: create both realistic and unrealistic goals every year. Try to figure something out that is a possibility, as well as goals that might seem like pipe dreams. See what you can do differently, what you can improve, or how to tailor the business to better serve your customers.

3. Seize every opportunity 

According to this reality TV star, tackling anything that comes down the pipeline is an absolute requirement of the new business owner. Even if you have to stretch yourself paper thin for a short time, do it. It pays off in the end. 

4. Avoid working with your friends 

While it can be near impossible to start a business without leaning on friends and family for support, hiring them might not always be the best idea. If you do need to, Sarty says to make sure that there is a clear and defined line between work hours and friend hours.

5. Have fun 

If you are spending more days hating your working life than enjoying it - try something else.
What other tips could you add to these if any?

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