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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Three Skills Every 21st-Century Manager Needs - Harvard Business Review

Three Skills Every 21st-Century Manager Needs - Harvard Business Review

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Benefits of using to advertise jobs

Benefits of using to advertise jobs
  1.  Branded as a socially responsible job advertiser, that looks out for the skill deficient job seeker
  2.  Encourage and influence job specific training at no cost to the employer
  3.  Participate in reduction of structural unemployment in SSA
  4.   Reduce recruitment costs as it is all FREE
  5.   Screen applications at the click of a tab; causing more efficient screening Applications

Monday, January 16, 2012

Key players of the Eradication of Structural Unemployment in SSA Agenda (ESUSA)

Where there are skill and labour shortages, what is their cause? There are, essentially, only three options: the market is not adjusting quickly enough to changes in demand for skilled labour; the market failing to provide enough skilled persons; or, there is simply a misunderstanding of how the economy works.

Remember that Structural Unemployment occurs when the market fails to provide enough skilled persons
  1. Recruiters advertising jobs in such a socially responsible way that,
  2. Job Seekers view said jobs alongside job specific skill deficiencies and
  3. Training Facilities advertise targeted courses to those skill deficient job seekers 
  4. Scholarships/Grants advertise targeted  scholarships to those skill deficient job seekers on 4 FREE
  5. SSA Goverments encourage said social responsible job advertising
  6. International Labor Organisation (ILO) encourage said social responsible job advertising
  7. Africa Development Bank encourage said social responsible job advertising
we will now begin to look at the benefits of this agenda to all key players

Friday, January 13, 2012

Eradication of Structural Unemployment in SSA

Since this blog began i have defined unemployment, found out the different types of unemployment which were characterised by their causes and possible solutions. Given all this I would like to at this juncture point out the aim of all this; I was trying to trace my way to the mismatch between available jobs and the skill set in the job market; this we found was one of the two causes of structural unemployment; where the job seeker is not skilled for the available job vacancies. This is the problem careergong seeks to curtail in africa. is a website where RECRUITERS post job vacancies. The registered JOB SEEKER views the posted job vacancies then the JOB SEEKER’s CV is compared with the job vacancy posted and the JOB SEEKER is informed of her skill deficiencies with regards to the job vacancy viewed with a list of TRAINING FACILITIES where those skills can be acquired.. TRAINING FACILITIES/SCHOOLS are suggested to the Skill deficient JOB SEEKERS and the Skill deficient JOB SEEKERS’ contact information; phone number and email, are emailed to the TRAINING FACILITIES/SCHOOLS so that they can market directly to them. please note all Sub Saharan African countries are individually and equally represented.

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Structural unemployment is a new problem, needing new solutions | Gavyn Davies | Insight into macroeconomics and the financial markets from the Financial Times –

This seems to threaten a rise in structural unemployment for two reasons. First, those people who were previously employed in the financial services sector (or, relatedly, in construction during the housing boom) may be unwilling or unable to work in the new industries which could replace banking in the future. Second, the decline in risk appetite in banking could reduce the supply of capital to those firms which are seeking to innovate and therefore to expand and create new jobs. Worse, in a Phelpsian world, if the real rate of interest rises because deflation sets in, then
firms will invest less in training their workers with job-specific skills, leading employment to drop further.

to read complete article check out title link

Structural unemployment is a key side effect of a growing, prosperous economy driven by technological advances. Workers find that their skills become technologically obsolete. The jobs workers know how to do no longer exist. Structural unemployment can be reduced through education and training.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How to get a good job in a bad economy: 7 recession strategies

How to get a good job in a bad economy: 7 recession strategies

Are you frictionally, structurally or cyclically unemployed

The main types of unemployment include structural unemployment which focuses on structural problems in the economy and inefficiencies inherent in labour markets including a mismatch between the supply and demand of labourers with necessary skill sets. Structural arguments emphasize causes and solutions related to disruptive technologies and globalization. Discussions of frictional unemployment focus on voluntary decisions to work based on each individuals' valuation of their own work and how that compares to current wage rates plus the time and effort required to find a job. Causes and solutions for frictional unemployment often address barriers to entry and wage rates. Behavioral economists highlight individual biases in decision making and often involve problems and solutions concerning sticky wages and efficiency wages.

We would be emphasizing on the Structural unemployment; Structural unemployment is a form of unemployment resulting from a mismatch between demand in the labour market and the skills and locations of the workers seeking employment. Even though the number of vacancies may be equal to, or greater than, the number of the unemployed, the unemployed workers may lack the skills needed for the jobs; or they may not live in the part of the country or world where the jobs are available.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

what is the unemployment rate of your individaul countries?

what is the unemployment rate of sub sahara Africa?
The unemployment rate in sub-Saharan Africa is excessively high as well, having risen above ten percent in 2009. (please comment with more recent rates and your individual countries rate as well)

what is the unemployment rate of your individaul countries?
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The unemployment rate in Nigeria was last reported at 21.1% in 2010.
click here to check out rates of other countries in Africa

Friday, January 6, 2012

Definition of unemployment

what is unemployment?

  1. the state of being unemployed; lack of employment
  2. the number or percentage of persons in the normal labor force who are out of work
what does unemployment mean to you?.....

Cyclical or Keynesian unemployment, also known as deficient-demand unemployment, occurs when there is not enough aggregate demand in the economy to provide jobs for everyone who wants to work. Demand for most goods and services falls, less production is needed and consequently fewer workers are needed, wages are sticky and do not fall to meet the equilibrium level, and mass unemployment results.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Jobs are available, but no skill? true or false

Bridging the gap between unemployment and scarcity of skilled labour in the African workplace, this implies that there are jobs but no one is skilled enough fill them, is this true and how so? please participate and give me your examples if any.......

Don't just view; participate, we owe it to ourselves, to start talking about issues that face Africans
The aim of this blog is to tell a story of how we as Africans used all the resources available to us to create jobs for Africans identifying skill deficient Africans and getting them the training and development that they need so endeavour  to PARTICIPATE by CONTRIBUTING POSITIVELY to this blog.

WHAT IS UNEMPLOYMENT? any comments or definitions

this is the holistic idea behind in sub sahara africa

bringing people to work and work to people

what should one do if they are unemployed because they are uneducated?

this Indonesian situation is similar to the African unemployment and unskilled situation in Africa

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

scarcity of skilled labour

Unemployment exists where there are professional jobs; that need a lot of skill to carry-out, so because of the scarcity of said skills this jobs either remain inadequately filled, unfilled or filled by overpaid expatriates; who in most cases still lack said skills

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