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Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Remember sometime ago when I gave you some of the reasons why most new businesses fail in an article sometime ago? Well I bring you the complete  edition of the article. Just as I said, it is always very difficult to start and maintain a new business because you are not sure of what you are going into thereby creating the least bit of security for yourself and money. Here are some other reasons why your business fails; read and try to avoid making such mistakes:

Running out of cash is another thing that kills new businesses even before your break even or breakout.  This often happens when you fail to invest money on capital expenditures for your business. By Capital Expenditures, I mean land/shop, equipment, raw materials, goods etc. Be aware that these expenditures earlier mentioned are the most important things you need to secure first for a lasting business. However, there'll be some recurrent expenses (workers' salaries, power, & transport bills) that you must cover aside from the capital expenditure which depends on the kind of business you want to establish.

If you fail to provide for those capital expenditures before your business breaks even, you are likely to start accumulating debts which will cause a great run down of your business. Before you launch your business startup, after doing all your capital expenditure, you should set aside enough money to cover at least six months of recurrent expenditure.

When you start a new business and fail to assemble the right team that will help to make your business work, you are likely to have a failed business. At one point of your business, you will need help in making decisions, but most help is needed when the business is a large or medium scale businesses. This is because you will need  people to handle the core areas of product development, marketing, and management. The business is not likely to succeed if you don’t have experts handling any of the core areas.

Problem is that people tend to hire family, friends, and relations without checking to see if they will bring any tangible value to the table. The business is also likely to suffer if there is interpersonal conflict between the team members. Hence, it is important to hire people with the right skill set and to make sure that they don’t have differences that could lead to acrimony.

You should know that your business is your bond and that whatever you give to people is what they will know you for. That is why it is always advisable to give your customers good products that they will appreciate and come for more after their first experience with it.

Also remember that the business world is a world of stiff competition, and if your business has a competitor who has superior products, your business may be in danger.

Thursday, August 20, 2015


Career guidance and counselling program just like I would always say is the best way to be in the sure path to your career success. It is the process of offering advice to students/individuals about their study method and how to discover their career. A career guidance and counseling program develops an individual's competencies in self-knowledge, educational and occupational exploration, and career planning.

It is therefore, very paramount that every individual undertakes a career guidance and counselling test; either privately or in all institutional programs, career resource centers, correctional facilities, human services agencies, community and business organizations, skill clinics, employment and placement services.
Being given an added advantage, career guidance and counselling is beneficial to  everybody; youth and adults, male and female, disabled, disadvantaged, minorities, limited English proficient, incarcerated, dropouts, single parents, displaced homemakers, teachers, administrators, parents and employers. Other benefits of career guidance and counselling therefore includes:
1.     Helping individuals to acquire and broaden the skills knowledge and experiences needed to identify options in order to succeed in the future.
2.     Teaching individuals about the changes that occur in the labor market and complexity of the workplace
3.     Increasing self-esteem and motivation
4.     Building interpersonal effectiveness
5.     Promotes effective job placement
6.     Maximizing career opportunities
7.     Improving employment marketability and opportunities
8.     Helps to improve the decision making skills of the people


If you really want people to not just know about your academic institution but would also love to be a part of the academic program, you should be able to carefully outline your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) which would is to make your institution stand out as the best among other institutions.

Whatever business plan you are drafting out for your institution must contain a USP,  this is because a USP can give a great deal of clarity to your business model, what your company does and why you do it. It can define your business and most important business goals in just a sentence.

A USP is one of the fundamental pieces of any solid marketing that makes your business unique and valuable to your target market and thus will help you to get the desired attention that you wish for. A successful USP can be used as your institution’s slogan. I am going to provide a step-by-step process you can use in creating a USP that will help you make the most of your marketing and business planning activities.

This should be the first thing you should do even when drafting out a marketing plan, because you cannot know what exactly you want to do without knowing your audience. Therefore when trying to define your target audience, you should be a specific as possible. Try to know what they like, how they like it and when they want it. You should also know what your competition is offering them and why they go to them.

From the knowledge of what your competition offers your target audience you should be able to state what problem you want to be able to solve for your audience. You should ask yourself this question,‘what is the individual need or challenge they face that your business can solve for them?’

List the important benefits that a client has benefited from you which they could not get from someone else. These benefits should explain why your services are important to them and why they would choose you over another provider.

A big part of a successful USP is making a pledge to your clients. While this can be implied instead of spelled out in your USP, write down this promise you make to your clients in this step.

Once you are through with the steps above, you should gather the information you got from them and combine it. While doing that, you would notice that there is a recurring idea that comes to mind: try to make a sentence out of that idea, and you have your USP simply stated and ready to be used.  

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Many employers these days look more on the side of online services for advertising job vacancies; that is good I must say, but do not forget that fact that while advertising your vacancies, you are looking for the best of them all, and you therefore need to be diverse in your search. That is why you need to also make use if the print form of advertising. The following reasons include:
Printed works are always plainly and elaborately stated, meaning that there is enough space to advertise your job vacancy and also to give detailed information about the job description and what it entails. A research showed that job seekers actually prefer it when the employer gives them a full reality of what the job is like and not sugar-coating it, in order to know what they are going in for.  
The print advert also has an advantage of reaching out to  candidates and other people who might influence job seekers; that is, to catch those people we might not usually catch through job boards or social media. The emotive nature of the advert can also attracted a number of editorial articles, boosting it’s impact and reach.
People tend to look at the print media form of advert as an outdated form of advertising, but you are forgetting that everyday old things are being recycled to be even better. The printed adverts tend to be most effective in sectors where there are larger volumes of candidates who have been slow adopters of IT, and who would rather apply for roles by phone or post.
There are a number of new technologies that can be used, but most print adverts will direct people to a website to apply for a role.
Some candidates like to double read. So they’ll see quick job updates online and then flick through a newspaper during their leisure time, in order for them to have an absolute knowledge of what the job is about.
Print has this permanence that makes the job seekers always look up to them whenever they are confused about the job, and also help them to think longer about its content and whether they will want to go for the job or not, unlike the online adverts where people tend to scroll past online ads or transfer their interest quickly elsewhere. A creative print advert also helps to create a hugely positive impact on tarnished reputations.
Finally, diversity is key, and recruiting across a range of media ensures that a campaign is reaching both passive and active candidates, as well as (often older) audiences that spend less time online.
A powerful message can be reinforced, a concept sold through a strong print campaign – candidates will probably choose to apply for a role online, but a print ad might just help them get there.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Starting a new business is one of the hardest things to do in this life because you are not sure of what you are going into thereby creating the least bit of security for yourself and money. That is why many new businesses fail in the first year of its establishment, especially in our part of the world where we have significant problems like limited fund, corruption, etc.

Below therefore are some of the things that cause the collapse of a new business, and that you as a new business owner should avoid.

No market need
The first thing that can cause the collapse of a business is when the owner offers services that does not meet any market need. All successful businesses offer products and services that meet a particular need in the market. Once you do not have what your customers are looking for, you will not be patronized and that will cause the liquidation of the business. 

In order to avoid this, try to conduct market research to know if the need you want to meet really exists. Also be sure if your customers will be willing to pay you to offer them such needs.

Poor Marketing
No matter how good and quality a product is, people will not know about it except you tell them about it. The only way people will know about your business and try to patronize you is when you market that business in the right way and to the right people. Many businesses today ignore the essence of marketing because they are busy with other things, waiting til they feel they have enough product before they start advertising.

The best way to succeed in this area is to create awareness and buzz around your product before it arrives. The buzz will help you generate great sales when you launch and having great sales on launch will boost the morale of your team.

Ignoring Customers
There is an adage that says customers are always right. This means you should always treat your customers right in order for them to always patronize you. Many businesses are busy chasing money and other things that they forget the needs of the customers.

Ignoring your customers mean leaving them to the mercy of a competition that cares a lot about them, and when this happens  your products will be isolated. Pay attention to your customers and they'll be loyal to your brand. Paying attention to your customers will also provide you with valuable feedback for improving your product and services. 

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