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Monday, April 11, 2016


According to the free dictionary, Success is defined as "the achievement of something desired, planned or attempted. It is a feat that many would want to be identified with.

Napoleon Hill wrote a famous book “Keys to Success” reveals the 17 principles he found in the successful men he interviewed. Maybe these traits could help you too. When you look at the chapter headings you will see listed many of the requirements necessary to set up or improve a business successfully or in fact to live a successful life.

Develop Definiteness or Purpose
Basically to be successful in reaching your destination you need a “road map” or plan to show the direction you wish to go and where you want to arrive, whether it’s a journey to another town or a journey in life.
Establish a Mastermind Alliance
In the book, his group is an imaginary group of famous successful men he admired. He visualizes them after studying their characters. He holds council with these men in his imagination. We may not choose to do that; we may consider how someone successful would tackle a problem however we all need the help of others to reach our true potential. We may get our help from studying books, the internet or meeting people.
Assemble an Attractive Personality
Ill mannered, bad tempered and irresponsible people that don’t consider others aren’t going to be very successful. Develop a pleasant demeanor; get along with people give that little bit extra in all you do.
Enforce Self-Discipline
Plan what you do and work your plan. If you plan to do something, do it, don’t procrastinate. Don’t let others down. Be reliable, on-time and enthusiastic.
Learn from Adversity and Defeat
 “Every cloud has a silver lining”, learn from your mistakes, turn failure around, stay positive and don’t give up.

 Cultivate Creative Vision
 Be creative, visualize what you want to happen practice as the athletes do in their minds. Use mind power for an easier journey to success.
Budget your Time and Money
As in self-discipline, don’t spend what you haven’t got, invest wisely, both money and time. Time is a finite resource don’t waste it.
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