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Monday, January 16, 2012

Key players of the Eradication of Structural Unemployment in SSA Agenda (ESUSA)

Where there are skill and labour shortages, what is their cause? There are, essentially, only three options: the market is not adjusting quickly enough to changes in demand for skilled labour; the market failing to provide enough skilled persons; or, there is simply a misunderstanding of how the economy works.

Remember that Structural Unemployment occurs when the market fails to provide enough skilled persons
  1. Recruiters advertising jobs in such a socially responsible way that,
  2. Job Seekers view said jobs alongside job specific skill deficiencies and
  3. Training Facilities advertise targeted courses to those skill deficient job seekers 
  4. Scholarships/Grants advertise targeted  scholarships to those skill deficient job seekers on 4 FREE
  5. SSA Goverments encourage said social responsible job advertising
  6. International Labor Organisation (ILO) encourage said social responsible job advertising
  7. Africa Development Bank encourage said social responsible job advertising
we will now begin to look at the benefits of this agenda to all key players

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