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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Get a job or start a business series (Part 1)

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According to recent statistics by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD, about 40 million African youths are currently unemployed, making about 60 per cent of the continent's unemployed.
  1. Start your job search by making a list of your 10 most important job skills. The list will help you narrow your job search.
  2. Prepare your CV
    1. Why write a cv
                                                              i.      To apply for a job within the same field.
                                                            ii.      To apply for a job within a different field.
                                                          iii.      To summarize your life achievements.
                                                           iv.      To apply for a particular job vacancy.
    1. General information on writing a cv
                                                              i.      the best time to have a CV drawn up? As soon as you are out of the college 
                                                            ii.      Every six months you need to update your CV to contain the latest information as and when you complete any new degree, training or achievement.
                                                          iii.      Every time you apply for a new job, you need to re-write the CV which should be totally tailor-made to the job you are applying for
                                                           iv.      you should have researched deeply into the company's background as well as have identified the best personal traits and qualifications that match with the prescribed job requirements. 
                                                             v.      no way a regular CV can match of all the jobs universally.
                                                           vi.      have a master CV in your computer that can be changed at the drop of a hat to fit any job requirements so it can be submitted properly.
                                                         vii.      One of the best ways of Standing out  is to show what you've accomplished in your work. Everyone has a storehouse of what they've done, things they've achieved on the job. What's important is to be able to quantify those things as a work value measurement. Clear indications of what you've done, how you did it, and these are tangible proof of your skills.
                                                       viii.      Do not ever falsify information, or give any misleading information to an employer under any circumstances whatever. It's illegal, it's self destructive, and it's just plain stupid. Don't even think about it.

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