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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Get a job or start a business (series part 3)

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  1. Prepare yourself mentally to accept a position with lower pay that gets your foot in the door.
  2. Respond to every possible job opening in the classifieds and posted on bulletin boards. Check out seasonal job offers posted in public areas such as libraries, churches. Temporary employment is better than no employment at all.
  3. Check online job boards for job listings in your area. Some online job boards offer listings across a variety of industries; others specialize in one or more career fields. Most allow job seekers to complete applications and upload resumes.
  4. Monitor the classified ad listings of newspapers in your city.
  5. Call friends who might know of any job openings. A friend's recommendation is one of the best ways to get a job quickly.
  6. Network with former co-workers to find out about openings at companies similar to your previous employer.
  1. Attend career fairs in your city. Career fairs typically feature dozens of employers, some of which may accept applications and conduct initial interviews on the spot. Some career fairs include employers representing multiple industries; others focus on a particular industry such as technology, manufacturing or hospitality. 

    (Free seminar coming up in Port Harcourt, Rivers Nigeria soon)

  1. Visit company websites and submit applications directly to the companies. 
  1. Ask for an application at the company's physical location if the company does not offer an online application option. Depending on the company's needs, you may get an interview before you leave. 
  1. Call independent recruiters in your area. These professionals specialize in matching companies with applicants and can help arrange an interview. An independent recruiter may also provide you with background information about the company and help you prepare for the interview.

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