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Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Many employers these days look more on the side of online services for advertising job vacancies; that is good I must say, but do not forget that fact that while advertising your vacancies, you are looking for the best of them all, and you therefore need to be diverse in your search. That is why you need to also make use if the print form of advertising. The following reasons include:
Printed works are always plainly and elaborately stated, meaning that there is enough space to advertise your job vacancy and also to give detailed information about the job description and what it entails. A research showed that job seekers actually prefer it when the employer gives them a full reality of what the job is like and not sugar-coating it, in order to know what they are going in for.  
The print advert also has an advantage of reaching out to  candidates and other people who might influence job seekers; that is, to catch those people we might not usually catch through job boards or social media. The emotive nature of the advert can also attracted a number of editorial articles, boosting it’s impact and reach.
People tend to look at the print media form of advert as an outdated form of advertising, but you are forgetting that everyday old things are being recycled to be even better. The printed adverts tend to be most effective in sectors where there are larger volumes of candidates who have been slow adopters of IT, and who would rather apply for roles by phone or post.
There are a number of new technologies that can be used, but most print adverts will direct people to a website to apply for a role.
Some candidates like to double read. So they’ll see quick job updates online and then flick through a newspaper during their leisure time, in order for them to have an absolute knowledge of what the job is about.
Print has this permanence that makes the job seekers always look up to them whenever they are confused about the job, and also help them to think longer about its content and whether they will want to go for the job or not, unlike the online adverts where people tend to scroll past online ads or transfer their interest quickly elsewhere. A creative print advert also helps to create a hugely positive impact on tarnished reputations.
Finally, diversity is key, and recruiting across a range of media ensures that a campaign is reaching both passive and active candidates, as well as (often older) audiences that spend less time online.
A powerful message can be reinforced, a concept sold through a strong print campaign – candidates will probably choose to apply for a role online, but a print ad might just help them get there.

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