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Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Cover letters are a great way to market your self to a prospective employer. This means that you must package your self in your Cover Letter and resume in such a manner that the employer will be willing to buy. Some job-seekers still ask if a cover letter is really important. The answer to that question is yes. This is because, the cover letter and resume are the document a prospective employer sees before meeting you in person. Your Cover letter should be customized and should be able to highlight how your skills will be relevant in the position you are applying for.

For a Cover Letter to be effective, it needs to have the following 5 ingredients:

1. It should be addressed properly. This means that you must find out the name of whom the letter needs to be addressed to. if it is to be addressed to say "Mr Chukwudi Ebube", address it that way and in so doing avoid using general salutations like "Dear Sir", or "To whom it may concern"etc.

2. Highlight your strengths. Let your employer be convinced that you are the best fit for the job. You don't have to exaggerate but make sure your relevant skills are well highlighted.

3. Show concern and motivation. You need to explain clearly why you want the job and why it will be a good idea for the firm to hire nobody but you.

4. Avoid using standard formats like, :I hereby wish to apply........." instead, show creativity and professionalism like stating where you saw the vacancy etc.

5. Close properly. You should politely ask for the next step in the application process. This will show confidence on your part.

When next you are preparing a Cover letter, remember these 5 important ingredients and am sure you will come up with a great Cover Letter.


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