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Monday, December 7, 2015


When you are going for a job interview, just like I would always say , be prepared for any kind of question that would be thrown at you. Most times employers will want to give you questions that they feel you might not answer in order to know your weak points. Most of these questions might seem like a trap; but then, you cannot  run away from them, but you can use those questions to talk about your strengths and things you can do. Here are some questions that job-seekers are asked all the time;
1.   Why are you the best person for this job?
2.   What  makes you uniquely qualified for this role?
3.   How would you compare yourself to the other people who want this job?
4.   What is your greatest strength?
However, there are certain questions that should not concern your employer and should not be asked by them. Questions about your last earned salary is an example, that is supposed to be your personal information and not for the entire public. It could come in the following ways;
1.   What are you earning now?
2.   What did your last job pay?
3.   What’s your total compensation — salary plus bonus?
You can give them your salary target for the job you are being interviewed for, but you have to know what your talents and experience are worth in your local talent marketplace before doing that. You have to do your research before you get on the phone with a recruiter.

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