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Wednesday, February 4, 2015


There is a lot that is added to being an entrepreneur, it is not just about opening a business. An entrepreneur also has to face a lot of challenges in his business especially in the financial aspect. Many young people take the leap into self-employment without understanding just how challenging the space really is. A lot of things awaits you in your business and you need to know these things. You are likely to face financial issues, competition in the business, lack of customers, etc.                                                 So many startups find it difficult to succeed because of certain reasons;   
  • Which could be as a result of spending a lot of money on unnecessary things,     
  • Sitting back and doing nothing instead of going out and hustling for customers. 
  • Losing focus on your main business goal. now this is one very critical decision, once you lose focus from your main reason for starting something, you lose focus from the business totally. It is better to continue striving in that thing you know than leaping into something totally different from your scope of ideas. Stay focused, work on the original goal, learn what you must from the shortcomings and adapt. Don’t think that starting something new on the side will help your short term shortcomings.
These things and more add to the arising problem in entrepreneurship. Here is what you should do to make your self employment a little less hectic.
BECOME AN EMPLOYEE FOR A WHILE.                                                                                               Although the concept of entrepreneurship is to be your own boss, but one thing you should know is that this is very important to do this because you get the skills and knowledge of a business through your boss and your colleague. You get to understand the notion of team working and endurance. This will go a long way in helping you in terms of certain decision making processes.                                                 This will also help you to make at least a little bit of capital for your business. You can use the money gotten from your company to start up and support yourself for the business. Although it is difficult to make a solid living out of your first company, a little cash can go a long way for you. But you can do other things to get more capital, you can volunteer in your company, offer yourself at entry level jobs, etc.  You must be a willing learner to progress, you can go into internships around the country. When you’re working for someone else you’ll learn crucial lessons about employee morale, waste, strategy, resource management and so on. The list is endless. Get stuck in and learn, it will open your eyes to how naive you would have been had you jumped head first into entrepreneurship. 
Entrepreneurship is a journey that will you repeatedly. Just remember, every knock has a lesson to be learned. Learn the lesson and adapt. This is why I encourage every wannabe entrepreneur to get out and get a job first – the lessons that you learn through employment will save you a lot of grief on your journey to being your own boss.
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