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Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Applying for jobs and not getting any interview invitation can be very frustrating, especially when put all your efforts in it. One thing you should know is that you should never give up on yourself. All you need do is to try and analyze the situation to know the reason for the problem. Check the jobs you have applied for and know how capable you are for them, then ask yourself the following questions;
·         Do I meet the minimum level of experience required for the position?
·         Do I meet the minimum level of education required for the job?
·         Do I have most of the required skills for the job?
·         Do I have the certifications required for the position?
 At the end of this research, you will know how much of the requirement you meet for each question and know if you meet the majority of the requirements.
Hiring managers look for candidates who meet at least 80 percent of the job requirements. One reason you aren't making it to the interview might be because they don't see you as qualified enough for the position.
If you find out that you have an issue like this, then look for ways to gain the experience you need it could be getting trained in schools or cerification bodies, so that you can be fit for the next job. Then, before you apply for any more jobs, conduct this same exercise of analyzing yourself against the requirements listed in the next job posting.
One other issue is the fact that so many forget to put these skills in their CV. Without having this appropriate information in, your CVs will not capture your recruiter’s attention. Also, people have a tendency to apply for higher-level positions than what they're qualified for, and this does not get you the job. So when looking for a job, go for lower-level jobs first and from there apply for higher ones.

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