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Thursday, February 5, 2015


Often times I come across certain job seekers who work short term with their former employers, either 3 or 6 months. On asking them the reason for leaving the company, the constant reason is that they were uncomfortable in the company due to certain reasons. This have put some companies in the bad book of many job seekers. The needs of employees should be met adequately to improve a company's productivity level, thus there is need for companies to create a positive impression for new employees to make them comfortable. These impressions are designed to retain customers. 
Here are three things to do to impress and help employees to get used to and comfortable with the environment.

1. GIVE THEM A MENTOR.                                               

When you hire a new worker, assign the person to a mentor who would help the person get oriented with the company. This mentor can be with the person for like a week or two. Mentorship programs give employees an opportunity to learn from more seasoned employees, as well as build connections within the workplace early on.
This will help them to find someone they can meet to answer certain questions. Having someone to go to for questions, comments and concerns is comforting to new employees. It also helps to combat nerves associated with starting a new job. Having mentors help employees to speed up their adaption with the company affairs.  


Today, employers give their employees training in certain areas that are beneficiary to both them and the company, although the training do not last very long. Although extending this training to provide development is very necessary, so offering new employers training and development opportunities is important.  Employee training should be advised at all times. 
The employees can train themselves for needed skill and understanding. Encourage employees to search for opportunities to sharpen their skills -- professional development events, relevant webinars, lectures -- on their own time. Recognize employees for their efforts to learn and develop work-related skills outside of the workplace. Better yet, have them present what they learned during team meetings so that everyone can benefit.


Make your working system an automated one, starting from the operating system to the communicating system. This is a big one. It makes it simpler for both employers and employees to assign, track and store new hire paperwork and tasks. Gone are the days of mechanical form of operation, companies have now moved to a paperless and technological generation. It will help to make both the employers and employees to be focused and organized. It also helps to make paper work faster and more time dedicated to other activities. Not only does it make things easier for employers, but having everything all in one place enables employees to easily refer back to necessary info when needed.

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