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Wednesday, March 18, 2015


A lot of competition exists in the educational market today, and this has made educational training providers; universities, vocational training, and professional certifications/associations, need a detailed explanation of how to advertise and market  their courses, degrees, and certifications effectively in order to satisfy the educational needs of their target audience who are students, parents and companies. Lets first define marketing and then discuss its need to  educational training providers

Marketing is the management of products and services in order to identify, satisfy, and communicate the needs of customers for the purpose of selling that product/service profitably. According to Jay Conrad Levinson (Guerrilla Marketing) marketing is the act of getting your target audience to change their mind and do business with you or maintain their mindset if they are already inclined to do business with you.

For your university, vocational training or certification body to grow, it must build strong customer relationship, which is where an effective marketing plan comes in. A comprehensive marketing plan effectively communicates your universitys, vocational trainings, or training facilitys mission, values and messages in ways that gets your customers to change their mind and to do business with you or maintain their mindset if they are already inclined to do business with you.
Below are the benefits of an effective marketing plan:A stronger, more consistent training facility image.
1.    Increased support from government.
2.    Greater loyalty among your stakeholders.
3.    A general public that is more aware of your training facilitys local and global impact.
4.    The ability to attract and retain the best employees, students and faculty.
5.    The ability to establish partnerships within the community.
6.    The ability to show supporters that your brand equity is a valuable commodity.
7.    Greater employee satisfaction including an increased sense of pride and loyalty.

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