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Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Just as we said earlier, given the competition in the educational market, educational training providers; universities, vocational training, and certification bodies need a detailed explanation of how to advertise and market effectively in order to satisfy the educational needs of your target audience who are students, parents and companies.

Having talked about the benefits of creating a marketing plan in our earlier discussion on this topic, I would like to discuss how best to create a marketing plan and discuss the different facets involved in creating a marketing plan which includes;
1.     identifying the product or service you are offering,
2.     identify and know your target audience and their needs,
3.     know about your competitors by creating a competitor analysis,
4.     developing a unique selling proposition (USP) and
5.     consider potential marketing methods.
I will go on to discuss about how well to identify the product or service your are offering for now and discuss the other facets at a later date (Wednesday, April 1 (April fools day) ).

IDENTIFY the product or service you are offering?
Customers always trust people who have confidence in what they sell, and building this confidence requires full knowledge of your products and services so as to market them effectively. To build this knowledge, you should make use of creative information which includes;
1.     Your own experiences using the products
2.     Product literature such as brochures and catalog
3.     Online forums
4.     Feedback from customers
5.     Training publications
6.     Your team members
7.      training programs

The services of a university, vocational training or certification body are the development of a particular skill which is effectively useful to the students and the companies who need those skills in the performance of its daily business.  So it is imperative to know the needs of the end user; the employer and the student. So your curriculum should be in line with the job description of trade requiring that skill,  so that your students can serve the exact needs of that trade, and represent your facility well. According to Sir John Hegarty; ‘It's the people you produce that act as a draw for future students.

Just as said earlier, I will give detailed explanations of other processes or facets involved in creating a marketing plan next week (1st April).  

Remember, you can advertise your training facility to your audience; Unskilled Jobseekers, Secondary school students, and companies through our website;

How else can university, vocational training or professional certifications identify the service that they offer their customers?

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