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Thursday, March 26, 2015


At a young age, people find it difficult to know what they really want to become in future. Today you find out that many youths engage in occupations on the basis of fate, and this often leads to dissatisfaction at work. That is why it is always advisable for parents and secondary schools to enroll their children and students respectively, for career guidance and counseling and this is what this article is about; career guidance and counseling. It is necessary that you know what career guidance and counseling is  as well as it’s benefits to students and parents alike.

WHAT IS CAREER GUIDANCE AND COUNSELLING?                                 
Guidance and counseling can be seen as the processes and techniques of assisting individuals to cope with the problems in different areas of their life, so that they can become useful and contribute to the society in which they live in. So therefore, career guidance and counseling is the process of offering advice to students/individuals on how to discover and plan their career. All students/individuals have the right to shape their career destiny and it is the responsibility of society hence (guidance counselors) to help them do this. Now, let us consider the importance of guidance and counseling for yourself/children through its benefits.
The following are the importance of career guidance and counseling:
1.    It gives comprehensive advice and counsel to students on careers, courses and jobs which enable them to have an informed choice on what to do after school.
2.    Students have an increased number of information on the educational and vocational sector needed for them to make their choices.
3.    It helps to build self confidence and courage in students, making it possible for them to do a lot of things.
4.    It helps students to build their potentials and acquire the knowledge needed to build a profession.
5.    It helps to direct students to take careers that are in line with their personality and beneficial to them.
6.    It helps to specify the job qualification of the jobs they have chosen.

What is career guidance and counseling to you, and what are its other benefits, if any?

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