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Monday, January 12, 2015


You just got a new job interview invitation, you are so excited about it and you cannot wait to go for it. On the D-day, over excitement and enthusiasm has made you want to get on with the interview as quickly to the extent that you fail to give yourself a thorough check and practice. Please stop and think again so as not to fall victim. Even if you forget to practice, do not forget to be conscious not to mention any of these to your interviewer.
1.   VACATION/ SALARY:  Do not ask your interviewer anything about your salary or even what your vacation period will be like. You are not even sure whether you are going to be employed, so why asking such a question? It just shows how you want to get away so quickly and how much you are interested in the money. You are only allowed to say anything on such topic when your interviewer says something about asks for your opinion, and when you are fully employed.
2.   HOW DIFFICULT IT IS FOR YOU TO GET A JOB: Keep whatever difficulty it is you have had in the past from your interviewer, it will make your interviewer know how vulnerable you are and how desperate you are for a job, he might use it against you. So just go straight to the point and tell them what it is they want to hear.
3.   DESIRE FOR SELF EMPLOYMENT:     So many people want to be self employed these days no doubt, but it doesn't mean you should go around telling every interviewer about it. It is information that you should keep to yourself. Telling your interviewer will implicate you because it means that you want to stay there temporarily. They would rather take someone who will be there on a permanent basis.
4.   YOUR DETEST FOR YOUR FORMER JOB AND CO-WORKERS:   Do not talk about how much you hated or despised your former job and co-workers. This would only make you look like a mean and unfriendly person, and can only but discredit you towards your interviewers. Keep that information for family and friends and not for your employer or present co-workers. You can only talk about your former job when you are asked about it, you should give them straight to the point answers without emotions and tell them of how you were able to handle the situation.

5.   PROMOTION:    This should be the last thing you should think of asking your interviewer. Instead of saying anything about it, ask them about the company’s growth or the workers’ potential.If you are so keen on knowing about how they promote, then make your personal research.

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