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Friday, January 9, 2015


One of the main issues when starting up is deciding where to start. Anyone who wants to set up should develop their skills in the aspect of planning and running their business. Many people start a business because they feel they have skill in what they want to do, it could be tailoring, etc. but one thing you should know is that running a business requires full knowledge about planning, marketing, income, and putting things together to help you run your business in order to get good customers.When setting up, it is best to seek professional advice from experienced people and organisations who can understand, help and guide you through the process to develop your idea into a good business. 
Here are a few tips for identifying skills gaps: 
  • Write a list of skills needed to run your business.
  • Ask a friend/family member to review the list.
  • Score yourself against the list 5 being excellent to 1 very poor, be honest with yourself.
  • Identify which one or more of the skills you will need to develop first.
  • How will you gain the knowledge/training, will it be classroom based, online or1-1 training.
  • Conduct training and rescore yourself.
  • Use your new skills to embed your new knowledge.
 One important subject in business research is the Market research,it should be the first task you conduct. It is important because it a research based on the knowledge of your customers, It gives you full knowledge of their needs, likes and dislikes, and how they wish to be addressed. 
The social media is a way of conducting your market research and marketing your products or service. You find out that you will get to know so many things you have little or no knowledge about, speak to friends, family and potential customers, use it to reach as many people as possible to give you feedback,all at a low cost. Remember to listen to your market and be prepared to change or not go ahead with a business idea if it is not viable business proposition.
 Believe in yourself, you can do it as long as you research, plan and gain the skills you need to be successful.

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