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Monday, January 19, 2015


Body language can speak volumes to recruiters about a candidate's confidence, enthusiasm and professionalism. Therefore, it is necessary to always be aware of the body language you make in a job interview. Always try as much as possible to comport yourself so that you do not pass  the wrong information to your interviewer. What follows are the most common - and often damaging -- body language mistakes hiring managers polled said candidates make on interviews.

10 biggest body-language mistakes people make that ruin job interviews and why they ruin;
 1.   Failing to make eye contact: This might indicate that you want to hide something from your interviewer, and they will feel that you are not trustworthy.

2.   Failing to smile: This might project you as a hostile person. It will also make the interview process a dull one.

3.   Playing with something, your hair, object, etc: This can portray you as an unserious person and your interviewer might be scared that you will not put serious efforts in your job.

4.   Fidgeting too much in seat: This portrays your lack of confidence in yourself.

5.  Crossing arms over chest/ having a bad posture: This portrays disinterest in the position and disregard for the interviewer.

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