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Monday, January 19, 2015


It is not compulsory to get a job during attendance to a career fair, but it will give you an opportunity to get close to and connected to your dream job. This depends mainly on your level of experience and determination. A career fair maybe a good place to meet prospective employers, connect with HR personnel, and expand your network.

Here are a few tips to make the best use of career fairs.
1. Find Out The Companies Attending.
While you are at it, you can find out that you know some of the employers as well as get to know other companies that you never knew or had the opportunity to meet. You can choose whether or not to meet with them at the fair, but it helps to learn more about the participating companies, especially if you are exploring your options. See if they are offering positions that match your profile.
2. Make a List of Companies to Visit
It is important to do this, so that you know how to plan your movement on that day. Even if it is plenty on your list still move on with it. It helps to make a list of company booths you must absolutely visit and try to visit if time permits.
3. Prepare and Practice You Speech
You will not get a lot of time with the recruiter, you may hold up the line, so make every attempt to utilize the limited time you have by preparing an impressive speech. Know what differentiates you from the rest and understand your value proposition. In short, why they should hire you should be the main thing on your mind.
4. Dress Well                                              
Make sure you are smartly dressed in order to stand out among others, and carry yourself professionally because during the fair you may get to meet someone important.
5. Carry Plenty Copies Of Your CV
Make sure you have enough copies of your CV, at least enough to pass around to the companies you are interested in. Carry them smartly in a briefcase or a portfolio folder. Before you approach the booth of the recruiter, make sure you are able to easily access your resume to her instead of fumbling through your bag.
6. Make An Impressive Connection.
When you reach the table, make sure you smile pleasantly and talk properly with the recruiter. Ask questions to show your interest. If you notice that you are being interviewed on the spot, stay calm and handle the situation just as you would handle any other formal interview.
7. Collect Business Card.
Try to collect business cards from the employers at the booth but if it is not possible to get it there, wait till the end of the fair to reach out to the companies you want to apply for and ask for an email ID or phone number to connect further. Show your interest in the company by asking questions about the hiring steps. If they are not hiring for your profile, ask for the contact information of the hiring manager for your position. You may not always receive it, but it's worth a try.

8. Make Friends With And Talk To Other Candidates.
In addition to collecting business cards and talking to employees, talk to other candidates who have the same goal with you. It helps to make connections with them, and they can offer tips from their job search, insights into companies you want to apply to.

9. Connect With The Employers After The Fair.
Send thank-you notes or follow up with a personal call to thank the recruiter and express interest in the company. She will have met a number of candidates, but hopefully, you've made an impression. Whew doing this, refresh his/her memory about your profile and where you both met. Let her know that you are looking forward to hear more about the next steps and want to keep in touch

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