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Friday, January 30, 2015


Dressing should be done to create a successful impact to both your boss, colleagues and your staff members. You can have a personal style of dressing, but make sure that the style you have represents you well and creates a good and impressive image of you. Always look your best through your dressing. Whether you are already working, or you have been invited for a job interview there is work dressing tips to make you look outstanding and classy to both work and in your personal life.
Corporate Jobs
Burton 2 Piece Light Blue Pastel Skinny Fit Suit        Kilgour Navy Wool Suit
Suits have a way of making a man look bold and more handsome, especially well cut suits. This is because they help to flatter your physique through the broadened shoulder and tight waist. With a suit, you can step into a work area looking good and you find yourself getting attention from everybody and then confidence has been built.  
For this style and confidence to be built, your suit should fit you well enough. The best way to check that you are with the right size is to check that the top button is placed above your navel. Also focus on the on the jacket sleeves. Chris gill, the author of the post mens-style-advice-for-job-interviews said that, ‘the jacket should finish where the base of your thumb meets your wrist. If your suit in its current form leaves one or both of these boxes unticked, then you’ll want to hotfoot it to your tailor – these are easy adjustments that don’t cost the earth, but they will make a huge difference to your overall appearance’.
 Colour also matters because the colour you choose can determine your expression and the

 kind of occasion for it. If you’re interviewing for a corporate job in a sector such as finance, 

you’ll want to make sure you keep your look sleek, polished and, most of all, industry-

appropriate. With this in mind, a grey suit makes for a good first port of call.
For a fool-proof outfit, team your suit with a sharp, white button-down shirt and grey tie that’s a few shades lighter/darker for a sleek, tonal appearance. Those wanting to go the extra mile, consider placing a straight fold, simple hand rolled white pocket square into your breast pocket, if you feel it’s appropriate.

But then again, not all workplaces require suits to be worn. Creative industries or companies like media and advertising practioners are examples, they always have lesser numbers of suit wearing staff members. They mostly wear colour and print matching clothes and sometimes casuals. If you are going for the first time, you can go for coporate seperates like the image below. This is so as not to get uncomfortable and stiff among the other colleagues.
Reiss Sontag B Slim-fit Blazer Burgundy    Reiss Pollock Spotted Shirt Blue
                                                  Huntsman Cream Slim-fit Cotton-twill Trousers

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