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Thursday, January 8, 2015


The CLEAR method is for both new employees who wants to set up new job goals to lead them to successfully find a new job, as well as old ones who want to set more job goals that will make them excel in their places of work. The CLEAR method helps you consider your needs for achieving job goals, which may differ from day-to-day personal goals.
CLEAR stands for Collaborative, Limited, Emotional, Appreciable, and Refinable.  CLEAR method forces you to think clearly and deeply about what you want. You will consider roles your colleagues and superiors play in accomplishing your goals, as well as other important goal-setting principles like the depth and scope of a goal, and whether it needs to be broken down into smaller, more achievable goals.
  • Collaborative: Many of your work goals will be much easier to achieve with the help and endorsement of other people, it could be a promotion or an assigned group task. Some of the goals will even require collaboration. Think about what help you can enlist to achieve the goals you set for your job.
  • Limited: Limit your goal's scope to keep it clear and manageable.
  • Emotional: Consider how emotionally involved the people you collaborate with are by looking at the work they gave to you.  Also for employers, when you recruit people for a goal or job, think of how to communicate what the job is all about to the person, and other ways you can get them to fully commit to the best possible outcome.
  • Appreciable: Try to break down larger goals into smaller, more manageable and ones. 
  • Refinable: Be flexible, revise and refine your goals in a way you can achieve them so you don't feel forced to follow a failing plan of action.
CLEAR is important for you to make a change if you've had a tough time achieving the job goals you set. You can make use of your favourite points to set yourself up for success.


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