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Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Outline And Draft Your Question
When you want to conduct an interview for a particular job position, you already know what exactly is required of that position. What you should do now is to know the kind of questions you are to ask your interviewee, all you need to do is to compile those questions, cross check and make sure they are the right questions. If you need inspiration for the questions, look at your top performers and know what they have in common, their resourcefulness, and accomplishment for working in your company as well as the roles they hold. The answers will help you create criteria and enable you to construct relevant questions.

Create A Comfortable Atmosphere
At the interview, try to create a comfortable platform between you and your interviewee. This is because candidates find job interviews stressful for fear of the unknown; they tend to be nervous about absolutely everything including what to wear, what the interviewer will be like, and the kind of questions to be asked. Know that when people are stressed they do not perform well, so try to calm them down by telling them in advance the topics you’d like to discuss so they can prepare. Be willing to meet the person at a time that’s convenient to him or her. And explain your organization’s dress code. Your goal is to “make them comfortable” so that you have a productive, professional conversation.

Involve Other People But A Few People
When organizing an interview, take a few people with you. This is because employing is one very big decision you need to make and thus, it is important to seek counsel from others.  It can be an average of three people who would have an absolute idea of how to hire the best people for the position. Why involving a few people is important is not just because of the fact that you need help in making a decision but also the limited number of people will help to reduce the tension of the interviewee. If the people around are more, the candidate will be more scared, but the reduced number will make the person more comfortable.   

Check For Competency And Quality
It is advisable to budget like two hours for the first interview, that amount of time will enable you to really assess the person’s competency and potential. During that period, look for signs of the candidate’s curiosity, insight, engagement, and determination. Ask the candidate how he learns and for his thoughts on where your industry is going. No one can predict the future, but you want someone who is thinking about it every day.

Ask Solution Finding Question
Questions like “what are your weaknesses?” are good questions, but they irrelevant based on your job interview. Instead of asking that, you should focus on reality based questions that can create solutions to problems. Ask your interviewee what he/she would do in a certain situation and know what know what their response will be like.  If you’re looking for an executive who will need to influence a large number of people over whom he won’t have formal power, ask: “Have you ever been in a situation where you had to persuade other people who were not your direct reports to do something? How did you do it? And what were the consequences?”

Introduce The Job
If the meeting is going well and you believe that the candidate is worth wooing, spend time during the second half of the interview selling the role and the organization. If you focus too much on selling at the beginning, it’s hard to be objective. But once you’re confident in the candidate, tell the person why you think he or she is fit for the job. Bear in mind that the interview is a mutual screening process. Make the process fun. Ask them if there’s anyone on the team they'd like to meet.

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