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Monday, January 26, 2015


It has become a normal knowledge that when you go for an interview and you do not make it that is the end for you in that company. But think about it: If you've made it to the final rounds of an interview process, you've clearly impressed the hiring manager and having spent several hours discussing your work experience, skills, and goals, you've built a professional and good relationship. You can use this person as a tool in your ongoing job hunt in other positions. Try this and see how it works.
1. Make Your Interview Process A Good One
Every stage of the hiring process is an opportunity to make your best impression. So get started, make your CV and application letter very creative so that you can stand out among others and get noticed. You get called upon, maybe it’s because of your interesting CV or because it is your turn. Just put a smile on that face and approach them well.
When you are asked tactical questions, answer it with so much knowledge and tactics. You get to find out that your ideas can be taken and appreciated. But on the long run, you might not get taken because of reason best known to them

2. Make Positive Impression

You always hear that your network is a critical piece of your job search, because your network is made up of people who believe in you. This same thing is applicable to the person who you have won over and have made the person to believe in your activities but you are not applying for the right job position for you. Now you have made that person to know your abilities both in writing, thinking and talking as well as how you like to follow rules. He might even get to praise you for everything from your CV to your application letter. Tell you also of how effective you are in performing a job. You can be aware now that the person can help you career wise,, and so start following the person up.
To be clear, if you follow up with someone who hasn’t told you he believes in you, you're wasting your time as well as his, and can easily cross into nuisance territory. It would be downright awkward to try to call upon an interviewer as a trusted connection if you never established a connection beyond setting a date and time for the interview.

3. Follow Up                                                 

 That. But if you still have prospect of working with them, reply them with a thank you message telling them of how you enjoyed your interview session with them and how you liked knowing about their company. You could also ask them if there is any other opportunity. Make it short and simple to see how it works.
You get to find out at the end that the CEO or the head of recruitment for the company will talk on your behalf about the other job post available. At the end, you should say thank you to both the person who helped you as well as your new employer.
Always know that every opportunity is a networking opportunity, and every job interview can lead to a job, even if it’s not the one you applied for. So put your best foot forward, and if you know someone is in your corner, ask him to help. is a website which is capable of helping you to get your dream job. Log onto and go to the job seekers menu, register as one and you can receive as many messages based on your area of focus for job interview. 

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