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Saturday, December 13, 2014


       Although many might not know, this question is like one of the most popular opening of an interview. It is like the intro. It is a question that should always be in the mind of everybody. Thus when going for an interview, prepare to answer a question like this and practice it. 
        Now, how you answer this question is what really will create an interest or not in the mind of your interviewer. Through your answer, he or she will get to know these things;
 - if he or she should continue with the interview 
- if you are fit for the company culture
- if he or she would want to work with you everyday
- why you want to work with them
When answering a question, try and make your story as short and precise as possible but with the main info needed in it. Here are some things that shoul b included in your response:
1) Education: It is necessary to state your educational qualification. Where you studied and what you studied. In a case where your qualifications doesn't meet up with the job prospects, you can then add your job background. 
2) You can also discuss your hobbies and interests, that is if they have a link with the job you are applying for.
       Try as much as possible to discuss your relevant work history and education that matches with the job you are looking for, so that your interviewer can know that you are fit for the job.
       Also tell your interviewer why you want the job and what makes you the right person for it. Let him or her also know of your accomplishments in the field. 
         With this, I bet you have a good chance of getting the job. Try always therefore to prepare for at least this question before heading for your interview.   

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