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Wednesday, December 17, 2014



One of the main reasons people do an MBA is to change careers. Though some are a bit naive about the job search process. This may be as a result of your different impression as an MBA, you may think that companies come to campus in droves to recruit you, and by the time you graduate, you all have already spent your time on bonuses. Always realize this, the job search process is very much left in the hands of students. Unless you’re planning to work in consulting or investment banking, in which case, the recruiting process is very structured; you’re pretty much on your own when it comes to finding a job.
So  here are 5 concise steps which might be of help to you:

1. Figure out if you want to change industries, geographies or functions.
Pick two at most. Trying to change all 3 is pretty much impossible. Once you've figured this out, try to fit in your dream job into one or two sectors, like pharmaceuticals and FMCG, for example.

2. Think about what’s important to you.
It could be Money, Living in a city with charm and quirkiness, or perhaps it’s the role itself. Maybe you want a specific role and are flexible on salary or location. It all depends on how you want it to know how you should get it.

3. Start networking.
This will not only refine your job search, but it will also put you in touch with people who are influential to your proposed career. Try to find people in the industry you want to work in. When you start interacting with them, you will get to find out that they can be approachful and helpful.
Start joining social networks and join groups related to your dream industry, chat with them and ask a few questions.
  Also try to attend few of the events they organize, and with time they will know of your interest to work with them and most likely inform you when there is vacancy.

4. If you don’t have any experience in the industry you want to work in, try to get some experience by volunteering your time by way of an internship.
This is more difficult than it seems, even if it is unpaid, as people don’t really have time to show MBA students the ropes. Try to read up about the respective companies in advance before your meetings so you seem like you can add some value. Also, join the student clubs applicable to the industries that you are interested in, which again, shows commitment.

5. Be visible.
Make sure that your online presence is strong, and that a quick Google of your name yields results that you’re happy with.

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