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Monday, December 15, 2014

FRAUD ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dear friends, beware of the kind of congratulatory messages you receive on recruitment for jobs. There is stories everyday of how people are being duped by unknown firms. This is mainly the handiwork of fraudsters who want to benefit from the high unemployment situation in the country. Such messages usually included the phone number of a person to contact for more information about the venue and requirements for the interview.
This usually happens with people who write job applications to so many companies because they might feel that it is one of the companies calling them for the interview.
There is a story of a young man who had fallen for something like this. He got a short message calling on him to go somewhere for a job interview. Because he was desperate to get a job after staying many years at home doing nothing, he went. On getting there, he met many other job seekers, and the ‘organizers’ of the interview said they needed to pay N1, 500 for the test. Many of them paid, but some who couldn't raise the money left. This brother said not one of the job seekers felt they were being duped; this is because of the situation they had found themselves. After paying the N1, 500, they did a bogus test, and they were told they would be contacted ‘as soon as possible. That was the last they heard from the people. That was about two years ago.
I just can’t imagine the number of people who has fallen for this fraud again and those who are yet to fall for it. So please try to avoid unnecessary text messages you receive from people.
The police can also help to reduce this impending fraud especially this Christmas season, they can do this with the telecommunication companies to get those behind this fraudulent practice. 

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