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Thursday, December 4, 2014

                           WANT TO FIND A DREAM JOB IN 2015? TRY                                       THESE STEPS


We are almost moving to the end of 2014 into 2015 and I know that some of you want to change their mode of living,their status of unemployment to employment,etc. Also many are not happy with your present jobs, Well they cant be changed except you change them. If you are bent on getting that job you love so much as soon as 2015 starts,try these tips and see how well they work for you...... Are you ready for a some? LOL.... well here they are------------------

  1. BE HONEST:  Think about what you really have in mind as that dream job.Your dream job should make you feel rewarded and recognized. you should have a passion and it keeps you challenged to learn more. Try to be honest when doing this in order not to make a wrong choice.
  2. CONSIDER CERTAIN THINGS:  Things that should be put in consideration while thinking about your dream job are the kind of people you want to work with,the kind of industry that excites you,the qualities of the job you are looking for,the time you want to start and close from work etc.
  3. THINK WIDELY:  Do not limit yourself to one experience,try to think versatile. try other fields that will help you grow.
  4. DO SOME RESEARCH:  Try to research to know if you are missing anything you desire or wish for or you have not put in your resume. Try talking to people and browse the internet to know how to equip yourself for the job you want to do.
  5. INVEST:  Once you find out how to equip yourself for that job,try working on it. You could go for programmes or training sections to get more knowledge.
  6. ACCESS THE OPPORTUNITIES BEFORE YOU:   If you are presently working in a company,try to take a close look at your job,there may be something you would love to do there just that it hasn't been looked at yet.all you need do is ask for help from your colleagues or manager.
  7. UPDATE YOUR RESUME AND OTHER SOCIAL ACCOUNTS:   Do that by making sure that they reflect your recent skills as well as your passion for certain fields. 
  8. WRITE A DRAFT COVER LETTER:    Start writing a draft letter for your desired job so that when you want to apply for the job,all you need to do is editing. It is easier and faster than starting from the scratch.
  9. NETWORK YOURSELF: Do this by reaching out to those who work in your dream company,keep an open mind,cast a wide net, attend events that they organize.
    10.PREPARE! PREPARE!! PREPARE!!!   When you are called for an interview,be sure to have all the knowledge about the company. Make researches,browse the net. Try to know what they need and how those needs are to be met. Let the people see the passion you have for the job and make sure to follow the interview rules.


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