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Sunday, December 28, 2014


There is something about people wanting to climb higher from their present positions to higher ones, like from being an employer to a CEO. But there is a problem which is the fact that these people don't know how to get to that level. It doesn't just have to do with working hard , it takes a lot more than that. It's just for you to know what exactly you should do or try to avoid when you want to get to such level. Here are a few things that are advicable to do, especially during interviews;
Straight To The Point Answers:
Most interviews happen in fixed time slots and the interviewer wants to make use of the time to get the right questions in. Your responses reflect your working style and your ability to address a specific issue.  It helps to add quality to your worth.

Try Not To Inflate Ones Role:
Inflating one's role and impact on the organization is a sure shot recipe for disaster. Also it is good practice to own up or acknowledge past mistakes on the job and showcase them as key takeaways for the future.

Try To Have A Corporate Approach:
The first thing to be looked at is your dressing. In most cases try to wear a blazer. Your attire demonstrates your seriousness for the process and respect for the interviewer.At times, candidates stroll into an interview without prior research on the company and the industry, this is totally not good.

Volunteering excessive information and showing undue familiarity with the interviewer / hiring manager is a big put- off. It is always better to maintain a veil of formality in your interactions with various stakeholders during the  interview.

Poor listening skills 
Most interviews are about good listening skills. It gives you a chance to understand the role and the company and also not to over-expose yourself during the early stages of interview.

Poor Remarks About Your Former Employer:
Try so well not to make negative remarks about your former employer. Even if the concerned individuals or companies have a bad reputation, maintaining a neutral stance is better.

Visible Anxiety:
Showing undue haste and anxiety in bagging the position is a clear sign of weakness and hampers your ability to negotiate a good deal. Maintaining a positive and healthy ego right through the interaction will help in positioning your candidature for the job in a much better fashion.

Excessive focus on compensation 
This is a serious put off for most companies. Some candidates focus on the minutiae while missing the larger picture. Also candidates come up with unrealistic expectations citing personal compulsions.

Let's remember that to be a successful CEO is one thing and to become a CEO in the first place is another. But common sense dictates that the very qualities which help you become a CEO should give you a more than reasonable chance to make a success out of that job. Good luck!

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