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Friday, December 5, 2014


To always be prepared is one of the secrets to success. PREPARATION THEY SAY,IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS. this is also applied in business,thus to become successful in a business he has to be prepared. There are habits that make up preparation,and they are;Learning,Thinking and Planning.
LEARNING: Learning is needed to know more,and without knowledge our ability to do things will be limited. therefore learning is a business success habit needed to equip yourself for what you want to do. Learning is perpetual and it brings about the attitude and skills required for you dream. Learning is done through;study and observation. 

THINKING: Thinking is like digesting the knowledge and skill acquired. People mistake thinking for worrying,but there is a big difference between them which is;the successful think while the unsuccessful worry.Thinking is the art of making sense of reality. It is how we form our understanding of reality. That is why it is a delicate manner. It has the power to change people positively or negatively depending on the type of information we receive.The objective of thinking is to gain adequate knowledge or insight of the problem so as to uncover a suitable idea or solution to overcome the problem. It helps us discover solution by understanding the problem. Problems don't go away by simply talking,it goes away by actions.  

PLANNING: This is the formulation and presentation of knowledge and skills acquired through learning guided by ideas generated through thinking into a strategic series of action. Every action in a plan builds on previous actions and sets the tone for future actions. your plan should include a timeline which tells you how long it will take you to go to where you want to be,deliverables which will tell you how you are gradually accomplishing you goals,and tactics which tells you what are your tools for delivering the set goals.

                           These three highly important habits if properly used will not just guarantee success in your business,but also in other fields of your life. So friends,LEARN them,MASTER them,and APPLY them in your business and your life. 

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